The “Call of Tomato" program invites applications from our veterans or current service members seeking to combat and win the battle against child & human hunger in America. We are recruiting for our Vegetables & Fresh fruit Brigade. The brigade is divided into several units. The most sought-after units are the strawberry unit, Lettuce unit, Spinach unit, kale & cilantro unit, green peppers unit.

To participate in the program requires no special skills or abilities acquired during Military service. You could participate as an Owner & Operator or simply be an operator partner. We provide  infrastructure, training and support, marketing & logistics support with predictable income streams. You served your nation from outside threats now we ask you to report for duty again. This time your weapon is food and mission is to combat global food scarcity, child/adult hunger, malnutrition & global energy crisis.

What Happens Next? 

After completing your application, you will be connected with our team of retired Veteran & Brigade unit Commanders for a formal program orientation. We’ll ask for proof of service, a working version of your resume (if you have one) and basic employment preference questions to help us get to know you.