"O A S I S FARMING STATIONS" are best described as moving farming machines. Each station is built within a 40'/ 53' recycled shipping containers. These machine is our weapon of choice in fighting child hunger and malnutrition in USA. The machines are the first in the world to not only mechanically grow varieties of leafy greens or fruits but are also Mini renewable energy power plants. 

These High-Tech machines are offered in two models branded as"I M A G I N E possible 1001 & 1002". The IMAGINE machines operate under controlled environments that yield the highest quality, locally-grown fruits & vegetables such as strawberries, lettuce, tomato, green or bell peppers, and cucumbers--with breakthrough technologies. It is significant that these machines grow food with up to 99% less water, 365 days a year, without pesticides or herbicides and offer nutrient-rich produce with guaranteed harvests and yields. 

The machines also are sort of mini-utilities producing renewable clean energy. The clean energy produced is then stored and distributed through a cloud-based platform "Electron Global Gateway'(EGG). The machines contribute energy to "EGG". Thus, a huge network of energy exchanges happens in real time all across the world between our machines. Efficient high-voltage DC lines (HVDC) distribute that produced power across continents. For lack of better words, Imagine machines also act as a countrywide grid of distributed production and storage.

The world faces severe problems in the depletion of fossil fuels and the harm of global carbon emissions. This advanced technology addresses these urgent concerns.

"Electron Global Gateway" embedded in IMAGINE possible machines is capable of effectively distributing renewable power over short or long distances – to the remotest cities or any cities that need it. IMAGINE models will talk to each other in real time, while sharing power. The power that’s available will depend not just on the wind, sun, water or tides, but also on demand itself and how much energy has been stored. Distributed production includes releasing the power that was previously stored.  A patented special battery system stores power for backup, but releasing some into the grid at peak demand. It helps create a two-way street for electricity. When power is available, energy flows one way. When power is needed, it flows another. The power flowing at every point is measured & machines are remotely monitored for the best food production, calculated pre-harvest management and remote trouble troubleshooting