Q- What is the program and it’s purpose?

A- The program is called “FACT,” which is an acronym for “Fuel a Cause Together.” This is a limited time*, limited quantity**, and a limited area*** test and experimental program designed to test the validity of "Name-Your-Own-Price" (NYOP). We are experimenting to see if it can be financially profitable to sustain as a business by offering food to everyone, including those who cannot pay.  

Q- How does the program works?

A- Consumers can name their own price for awesome organic, GMO-free, and other kinds of healthy or fresh foods. Once they have selected the item and quantity they wish to buy, they offer what they can, or what they wish to pay. Once Ellis Jaxon Farms receives the offer, within twenty-four hours we will inform the customer whether they offer is modified , accepted or rejected.   

Q- What if a customer has no money to pay?

A- Simply offer $ 0.00. Once a customer has selected the item and quantity, within 24 hours we will inform them if their offer is modified, accepted or rejected. 

Q- What if no one pays Elliis Jaxon Farms or orders food in outrageous quantities?

A- Ellis Jaxon Farms is a faith-based organization and believe most humans are kind and good people, and that they and will do the right thing if given a chance. However, certain abusive situation(s) are possible, and such situations could put us out of business. We will learn more during the course of our test. However, we solely reserve the right to reject any offer that we, in our sole judgement, may determine as an abuse.

Q- How do we make money? What do we do with profits?

A- We are currently in a startup stage and have not yet started making money. To date, we have been funded by founders and private investors. However, we anticipate that between people who could afford to pay, and those who cannot pay much or may be nothing at all, we will have enough revenue to pay our employees, infrastructure, shareholders, and hopefully some to expand our services.

Q-What if the name your price model does not work or becomes unsustainable?

A- It is a possibility that enough people may not pay, or not pay enough. A continued scenario could result in us shutting down the program. Or, we may have to modify the rules or pricing methods. We will cross that bridge once we get there.  

Q-What do we do with profits?

A- We will invest our net profits into expanding our farm projects in schools, and funding our partner farms, social entrepreneurs, and invest with for profit or non-profit organizations to expand our mission. 

Q-How much food can be ordered at a time?

A- We have no set limits at this time. Our business model follows the principle of “take what you need, give what you can.” We simply ask customers to take enough for their needs and pay what they can afford to pay. However, we may make a counter offer with a modified quantity, or reject an offer in our sole discretion.

Q- Where does the food comes from?

A- We farm fresh produce at our sponsored gardens. We also buy wholesale or direct (whenever possible) from manufacturers or farmers. All our food that is not grown in-house, is sourced from reputable local or regional US farms, suppliers, wholesalers, or distributors. All information about the food supplier or farm, and the nutritional content of the food, is available upon request. Email us atinfo@ellisjaxonfarms.com, or contact the supplier directly.

Q-How do customers participate in the program?

A- They simply go to www.ellisjaxonfarms.com and register. Once registered, Ellis Jaxon Farms will send each customer a number that they can then use to order food.   

Q-Why could an offer be declined?

A-There is no set rule during the test phase of the program. Ellis Jaxon Farms may decline due to unavailability of items , inability to fund the orders , suspecting abuse , logistical or supplier issues, or other reasons beyond our control. Regardless, Ellis Jaxon Farms will make our best attempt and will stay fully transparent with our customers. 

Q- Once a customer purchased food, how do they get it?

A- Once an offer is accepted, Ellis Jaxon Farms will either deliver the food or ask the customer to collect or pick up from the affiliated farms or delivery location nearest to them . The goal is to deliver to every household but we may not be able to deliver to all areas.  

Q- Does a customer need a credit or debit card to make a purchase or an offer?

A- No credit card or debit cards are needed. The customer only pays when the food is delivered, or picked up from a designated collection center. Then, a customer could pay with any major credit card, an EBT card, checks, debit or pre-paid cards, or cash.

Q- What products can be purchased under "Name-Your-Own-Price" (NYOP) system?

A- Third party products cannot be purchased under the NYOP system. The suppliers or manufacturers set their own prices, delivery and return policies, and their methods are not controlled by us.    

Q-Are there any delivery charges?

A- No. During this test phase we Ellis Jaxon Farms is also experimenting with charging no delivery fee. There may be people who do not have money and need food. So we will leave it up to the customer to pay what they want or can afford to our delivery crew.   

Q- Can a customer recommend a farm, product, or food supplier? 

A- Yes! Outside input and recommendations are vital and highly appreciated. 

Q- How can someone become a supplier or vendor partner of Ellis Jaxon Farms?

A- Ellis Jaxon Farms  welcomes new products, suppliers, and vendors. Please emailinfo@ellisjaxonfarms.com to receive a Vendor Kit. Once your information is received, Ellis Jaxon Farms will conduct a facility inspection (in most cases) prior to approval. Once approved, the products will be featured on the Ellis Jaxon Farms platform.

Q- How can someone join the delivery crew?   

A- a delivery driver must own a reliable vehicle, or possibly drive one of our vehicles. Jobs are as part time or full time associates, Please ask for Delivery Associates Kit at info@ellisjaxonfarms.com.


* The phase one of program ends on 31st April, 2017 unless extended by the management at their sole discretion. 

**- Quantities of products available are listed alongside of the product description.

*** The phase I of the test is currently only available in the areas of Nashville, Tennessee and Warner Robins, Georgia.