We want everyone to compete to become a food entrepreneur. We encourage everyone to compete to help preserve the Earth and its environment. We want every human to be able to provide pure and healthy food for themselves, their families and communities. If you own a business, are you ready to compete to become a "Profit for Purpose" company?
Given humanity's widespread agriculture capabilities and how much food we throw away each day, hunger and malnutrition should be the world's easiest problem to solve. That said, the magnitude of the challenge of creating infrastructure, finding required capital, and managing the global logistics and distribution of food, would require almost 20 % of the world's population to work around the clock for next 50 years to approach achieving zero hunger. That is why it is necessary to create successful food solution models that help all of us to work together. We have developed a winning with a food-hub approach. 
So, if you want to be a competitive food entrepreneur, we will provide you with access to all of the tools, training, marketing, distribution, customer lists, financing, site selection, research and whatever support is needed. We will help you duplicate our successful model for creating an ultra-modern computerized urban food-hub. With your involvement in our mission to eliminate global child and human hunger, this should be the world's easiest problem to solve because everyone wins.
We are all in this together and encourage everyone to compete with us, wherever they are. Let's get started!