If you have the heart of Mother Teresa, vision and creativity of Steve Jobs and business skills of Warren Buffet then you are the right candidate.  If you fall a bit short of these examples, then we understand.  We are seeking people that think out-of-the-box, that understand and enjoy working with a team of visionaries that are naive enough to believe that we can change the world.  If you are already involved in a philanthropic cause, this can improve your chances of getting noticed quickly.   

Degrees, background, sex, gender, nationality, race nor age are factors that determine whether or not we hire a candidate.  We prefer to focus on the candidate's passion, goals and belief in themselves as well as WHY a candidate desires to work with Ellis Jaxon Farms. 

As a growing organization, we soon expect to offer several employment, internship and volunteer positions within our organization. The upcoming openings and positions are in the fields of marketing, philanthropy, customer service, logistics, teaching, event organizing, product sourcing, broadcast and advertising, corporate training, copy writing, social media marketing, food delivery, warehouse and administration among others.

The positions are based throughout United States. We rarely advertise for open positions.  So, we encourage you to send us a brief bio that explains why you believe that your passion and skills can contribute best to Ellis Jaxon Farms accomplishing its mission - to change the world in a positive way by eliminating hunger. The pay and benefits to your bottom line are negotiable - the benefits to your soul are unlimited...  


For job opportunities please send resume to