Dear Friends,

THANK YOU for participating in our social experiment! We believe that most people have goodness within them and will do the right thing if given a chance. So, we sincerely believe we will not lose any money with our business model despite having NO PRICES.

What we ask of you, is for you to buy from us what you would purchase somewhere else, and name a fair price of your choosing. If You don’t have means or money to afford great food, or any food at all, then you are our Platinum Club customer. You can still order online at www.ellisjaxonfarms.com. Just pay what you can.

We believe in our fellow humans and in a hunger free world. If we make profits, then we will use those profits to sustain our free food giving. If we lose money, then we will have to close down. It's that simple. We do hope to be profitable enough to at least pay our employees, bills, and all other operational expenses, but we also hope to generate substantial revenue and profits, so we can end our country's child and family hunger crisis and create positive, widespread, and sustainable social change throughout our community and our world!

We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Audrey Rowe, administrator, USDA, for visiting our school farm and for her work in architecting the Healthy and Hunger Free Kids Act to deal with hunger and malnutrition in our country. We’d also like to thank the awesome men and women at the USDA, South East Region; and the principals, teachers, and superintendents of our pilot school systems, for their guidance and advice throughout the journey of our Ellis Jaxon Farms movement.  

Our journey began with the launch of our ridiculous idea of disrupting the popular theory of “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child.To do so, we started a social experiment called "Children Raising the Village" in 2013-14 at West Side Elementary School in Warner Robins, Georgia.We believe that child hunger and malnutrition across the world is a problem so easy to solve that even a child in our school system can solve it! Today it stands proven. Almost five year later, these "Children are Raising the Village". Not only are our children learning to grow food using hi-tech, futuristic, soil-less, chemical-free technologies in their schools, they’re also eating healthier food in their school cafeterias, and selling a portion of the food to local markets to sustain the operations and growth of their school farm. They're even providing food to the homeless and to families in need! Children can raise the village. It turned out not to be such a ridiculous idea after all!

We appreciate you choosing us to shop with and support! We ask you to always “Eat Good and Live Well” and to remember that a healthy and hunger-free world idea isn’t so ridiculous after all!


Ellis Jaxon Farms Team